Get Outside!

By Alissa Schwartz and the Student Travel Committee

Are you stressed out from too much homework? Trying to keep your new year’s resolution of being healthy? Broke from having to fuel your car? Well, lucky for you there is a simple answer to your problem. Walk, bike, and take the public transit, to travel to and from school. Walking and biking to school burns calories, so you can help maintain a healthy weight, and positive body image. You may find that going on a nice walk, or bike ride helps calm your nerves before taking a stressful test, or from finishing a busy day at school. Being active is proven to battle depression, stress and anxiety.

It is simple to make time to get exercise by using the beltline, or getting off a few bus stops early. Owning a car is nice, but driving in Eglinton traffic is time consuming and gas guzzling. It can get pretty expensive. If you live too far to walk or bike to school, the public transit is a great alternative. It is wonderful for the environment because you are not wasting gas, driving your individual motor vehicle. Driving to school creates seven times more greenhouse gas emissions, than taking public transit. The best part of riding public transit is just hanging out with your friends on the bus and/or subway. Your wallet will thank you for buying the student discounted bus fares. So if you’re tired of your trek home or to school, there are healthier and cheaper alternatives, that can do the environment and yourself some good.