Golden Falcon Exclusive: Sneak Preview of The Forester Yearbook

By: Noa Salamon and Shelby Flomen

The FHCI 2014-15 yearbook breaks new ground that will surely surprise readers – but you don’t have to take our word for it.  We sat down with yearbook editors, Jaclyn Flomen and Megan Soheili to get an inside preview of what to expect in this year’s publication.

Who are the members of the yearbook team?

The editors are myself (Jaclyn), Megan, Samantha, Fides, Holly, Stephanie, Mischa, Chian, Shin Yu, Hazel, Iman, and Patricia.  The teacher in charge is Ms. Neumann.

What other jobs make up our school’s yearbook?

We have a large group of photographers who take the majority of the pictures that end up in the yearbook.

What is this year’s yearbook theme and how did you come up with it?

Originally, we were supposed to discuss the theme over the summer but we came up with it when we got back to school in September.  It’s a modern-vintage theme, which we all collaboratively came up with.  What happened was, the team was split 50/50 with some people wanting a modern theme, and the others wanting vintage, so we thought “why not do them both together?”

How would you describe the modern-vintage design?

 We used vectors to create old-style picture frames, but made the pictures pop out and reflective to give it a modern look.

Are there any new features the yearbook team has added this year that we haven’t seen before?

Yes.  Instead of having the grad quotes under the actual pictures, we’ve put them on separate page to emphasize the grads themselves.  Also, for those grads that weren’t there to take a yearbook photo, don’t worry!  Your regular pictures will still be in the yearbook following the grad pages.  We have also changed up the quality of the pictures by putting filters on them to give them either a modernized or vintage look,

How much does it cost to produce our school yearbook?

This year, the yearbook is a $40,000 publication.

As usual, yearbooks will be available at hillstock this year.