How to Eat Healthier at School

By Sydney Shapiro

     Eating healthy at school seems to be a problem with teenagers. There are so many fast food places that are just steps away from the school. Lets not forget the cookies and cinnamon buns in the cafeteria. But, there is a way to eat healthier even with all these unhealthy temptations!

Try planning out your week’s lunches on your phone or calendar:

For example,

Monday – Sandwich, fruit, and a juice box

Tuesday – Pasta, cucumbers, and water

Wednesday – Hamburger, carrots, and a juice box

Thursday – Hummus and veggies, water, and turkey sandwich

Friday – Greek salad, fruit, and water

Some steps to follow while enjoying your lunch at Forest Hill:

  1. Dont be tempted by the smell of the cafeteria cookies.
  2. Try the fruit bowls and salads in the cafeteria fridge (yes, they do sell fruit!).
  3. Stay at school with your home-packed lunch instead of eating out on Eglinton.

Eating healthy at school can be very simple and easy!