Humans of FHCI – Ben N.

By Brian Saballa

“What are you listening to?”

“The new Gambino album and Hamilton mixtape.”

“It looks like a handful of artists are dropping albums this month. What album are you most hyped about?”

J. Cole definitely. I want to see if he can pull off the ‘no singles, no promo’ twice and hopefully he drops something with Kendrick. We’ve been waiting for it for so long.”

“Would you consider yourself a hip hop head?”

“Definitely, I’m always trying to listen to something or someone I’ve missed. It’s great because hip hop is such a new genre and it’s still evolving.”

“What would you say were the golden years of hip hop?”

“Golden Years would definitely be Pac, Biggie and Wu, then you had the New Era with Early 2000’s Lil Wayne, Jay Z and Ye. Now we’re in this resurgence of soul and funk music.”

“In your opinion what Rap controversy do you think shifted the whole culture?”

Nas Vs. Jay Z, Biggie Vs. Pac, NWA Vs. Ice Cube

“On a scale from 1-10 how would you rate your rapping skills?”


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