Humans of FHCI (Best Friend Edition): Dan Isenberg and Evan Kerzner

By: Brooke Mirabella

What grades are you in?

Both: “11.”

How long have you known each other?

Evan: “Since SK, kindergarten.”

Dan: “Yeah, kindergarten at Holy Blossom.”

How did you become friends?

Dan: “Our cubbies in our kindergarten class were next to each other because our last names are close together so we started talking and became friends that way.” 

Evan: “We would also listen to Bob Marley together because I heard Dan listening to it and we bonded over that.” 

What was your first impression of each other?

Dan: “My first impression of Evan was that I loved him, he was really funny and always doing something to make me laugh like parkour on the tables.” 

Evan: “My first impression was that he really liked music and he was very artistic, which he still is now. He made me more interested in music and is part of the reason I take guitar lessons now.”

What is your favourite thing about each other?

Dan: “Like I said Evan is really funny, he is always telling jokes.”

Evan: “I’d say my favourite thing about Dan is that he always has good vibes. Whenever you hangout with him it is a fun time.”

Favourite memory together?

Evan: “One of our favourite memories is definitely when we would have weekly play dates in elementary school. We would play on our matching broken Blackberrys and take fake phone calls.”

Dan – “One of my recent favourite memories are the enjoyable walks we would go on throughout Covid. And also when we play guitar together.”

Favourite inside joke together? 

Both: “Forest Hill arena.”

Where do you see yourselves in ten years? 

Evan: ”The mortgage hall of fame and I’ll be an alumni prefect.”

Dan: “I feel like I’ll be an accountant and I’ll be driving my broken Land Rover with 200,000+ km”

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