Humans of FHCI – Matt F.

By Brian Saballa

What’s Gucci Hommes?

“How do you feel about the tiny snowfall Toronto has been hit by?”

“As someone who skateboards it sucks, the cold weather and wet roads makes it terrible for some of us to skate on the street and there isn’t much daylight to have fun at skateparks.”

“As a skater how many pairs of shoes do you personally go through in year”

“I go through one pair of shoes roughly every 3 weeks to a month, so in a year about 12-15 I guess.”

“How would you describe your style of skating? Do you prefer street skating or in a enclosed park?”

“I try to juggle a bit of all styles, whether it’s terrain, street, park, anything really. But mainly it’s been about chucking myself down a set of stairs and gaps.”

“Before I go, any advice to new skaters?”

“Well, for anyone’s first time stepping on a board, having protection like a helmet and knee pads to begin with could help. But just like any other activity out there, feeling passionate towards it will take you a long way.”

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