Humans of FHCI: Samara Golger, Grade 9 Rep

By: Maha Omer

Why did you decide to run for grade 9 rep?  

I decided to run for grade 9 rep because going into Forest Hill I only knew a few people, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to put myself out there to meet new people. I knew especially this year it would be particularly difficult to make friends due to the pandemic so I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me. In all honesty, I wasn’t too concerned whether I won the position or not because solely through my campaign I was able to establish my presence at Forest Hill and amongst my grade 9 peers. In the end, I found success on both ends since I won the campaign and was also more familiar with my fellow grade 9 students. 

Has joining the student council changed your perspective on FHCI?

Joining the student council has certainly expanded my outlook on the school and how things run behind the scenes. My old school’s council ran very differently so it was really cool to see how different roles on the council worked together to make things happen. Since this year looks a little different because of covid, joining the council gave me insight as to how the school ran before covid

What would you like to accomplish in the next 3 years?

In the next three years, I hope to accomplish many things. First, I teach a debate program so I hope to continue to see success with this program throughout the next three years. Second, I play competitive soccer so I hope to keep moving forward with my progress and catch the eyes of provincial and eventually university scouts. Finally, I would like to take on more leadership roles in my school and in my community. 

What are you looking forward to contributing to FHCI?

One of the biggest things I am hoping to contribute to FHCI is that I hope to instil more spirit amongst my peers. On spirit days I’d love to see more people dressing up and not being afraid to really go wild with their creativity. People have the idea in their heads that it’s ‘weird’ or ‘not cool’ to dress up in spirit and I want to change that.   

Do you have any exciting plans for next year?

As for next year, my plans will surely depend on covid restrictions. I hope to be able to travel and explore my own city a little bit more. Since I’ll be turning 16 next year I’d love to learn how to drive and get my G1! 

What are you looking most forward to throughout your highschool years?

Throughout my high school years, I’m really excited to build strong relationships with others. I look forward to expanding my social circle and really getting to know the individuals in my grade. Post-covid, I am really looking forward to joining many sports teams. In addition to these big parts of high school, I am also excited for the little things that couldn’t happen this year because of covid. I’m excited to have a locker, to eat in the cafeteria with friends, and even just to learn how to get around the building without getting lost.

Do you have any advice for students who are interested in joining the student council?

For those interested in joining the student council, I would say don’t be shy with your campaigning! Just be yourself and be creative, you want people to vote for YOU because of you who are and what you have to offer

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