A Conversation with Shana and Abbey


How long have you been friends?

Abbey: “Almost 4 years.”

Shana: “We met 5 years ago but we’ve been friends for 4 years.”

What things you do you have in common, and what things do you not have in common?

Abbey: “We like to talk about the same things… one of us is very moody. Actually, we’re both very moody — it’s not just me. She likes to share a lot of stuff with me and that is good.”

Shana: “You do not like to share, which makes you mean.”

Abbey: “Mean how?”

Shana: “I’m mean too.”

Abbey: “We both have the same allergies. She’s allergic to gluten and I’m allergic to nuts.”

Shana: “We also wear the same clothes and don’t like meat.”

Abbey: “Which makes it even harder.”

Why do you think you get along?

Abbey: “We’re the same age. She’s a bit younger. We get along because it is entertaining to see all the things she does, we’re… like… so similar. We rely on each other for a lot of things. Like, if I was to say who I rely on the most, it wouldn’t be my mom, it would be Shana.”

Shana: “Thanks.”

Abbey: “It’s really annoying when Shana isn’t there. It is really irritating when she puts me on ‘do not disturb’. She’s very moody sometimes.”

Shana: “No, she gets so moody.”

Do you think you’re still going to be friends once you leave high school?

Shana: “I think we are going to be friends, because we are going to have kids… we’re going to marry twins and have identical kids. People say we look alike, so if we have kids with twins, they are going to be cousins, which means we have to stay friends. And we’re going to go to the same university.”

Abbey: “Have you seen the picture of us? It’s really funny.”

Are there any pet peeves you have with each other?

Shana: “It’s hard to go to her house, because dog hair gets all over your clothes, which is annoying.”

Abbey: “It’s hard to be friends with someone who cares more about their clothes than your dog.”

Shana: “She’s very dramatic and doesn’t really share. But she’s getting better at it. She also exaggerates way too much.”

Abbey: “Well I am not lying; like… more like if I were to tell a story about getting hit by a car, I would say ‘I got hit by a bus’, not by a car.”

Shana: “She never remembers anything. She has a terrible memory. It’s so annoying.”

Abbey: “She remembers everything! She always remembers our old fights and then gets mad at me for something that happened 3 years ago.”

Shana: “Once, she got mad at me for not coming to the bathroom with her at the cottage and texted mean stuff about me to her friends and then showed me.”

Abbey: “She always says I am having a bad day, and always says ‘Abbey feels this is rude.’ Sometimes Shana says abnormal things that are just rude. Shana chews too loud.”

Do you feel you make each other better?

Shana: “No. Actually, yes. Kinda… both because when she wants to do something good then I will do it to, which is good. But, then if she wants to do something bad then she will make me do it too, which is bad.”

Abbey: “Yes, Same. I kinda feel like our personalities are either really similar or they merged or something.”

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