Humans of FHCI – Tanique Hall

By Khadija Yassin

Why’d you choose Forest Hill?

“I chose Forest Hill because my brother went here at the time and told me it was a good school.”

What’s the one thing you’ll miss about Forest Hill?

“I’m going to miss my friends! Oh and Mr. Basheer.”

What’s been your favourite year in high school and why? [restrict]

“Either grade 10 or 11 because I made the friends I have now during those years.”

Who’s your favourite teacher?

“Mr. Basheer because he’s funny, really smart, and always comes through with advice and quotes.”

What’s some advice you’d give to a grade 9 student at Forest Hill?

“Make friends and join clubs, it makes the transition easier and universities love it.”

What’re you planning to do after high?

“I have no idea.”[/restrict]