Humans of Toronto: #FamilyStruggles

By Lucy Goldman

I have quite the history of struggles with pregnancy. I’ve been pregnant five times and I have two children, but it has been a really hard journey for me.

Before having my first child, I had two miscarriages. Having a miscarriage is mentally difficult because you get all excited, and then sadly your baby does not make it. My first child was conceived through In Vitro fertilization. That was a real struggle because of all the hormones and procedures you have to go through. However, I was lucky and produced a fantastic son.

After a year, my husband and I wanted another child. When I got pregnant, I got extremely sick. I couldn’t eat or drink anything. My husband rushed me to the hospital, and I was put on IV. That whole experience was horrible. I was nauseous day and night. A few weeks passed and I felt better, and was able to go home. Of course, when good things happen, bad news strikes. I got a call and was informed that the child I was carrying was chromosomal defective at 20 weeks. We opted for a termination. It was extremely emotional, though it was the decision we made.

After months of trying, I got pregnant again! Great. Then I got sick again. Awful. To go through sickness again was horrific, because it was kind of like I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t drink, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t read, I couldn’t watch TV, I couldn’t do anything besides lie there in my misery. I would take one bite of food and throw it up 5 minutes later! At this point I really wanted to end the pregnancy, but my husband talked me into just holding out a little longer, knowing the hormones would soon be reduced.

He was right. He was so supportive of everything during all of the pregnancies, bringing me whatever I needed right away. After 9 weeks in the hospital I was finally able to come home. I ended up having a wonderful baby girl. I have my beautiful two children, but it was a very hard struggle for me and my family; they hated seeing me so sick. I was not around to give any attention to my son at home because I was so sick for several months. But, it’s a story of something that all works out well and has a happy ending, thank god. Now, I have two fantastic children! #FamilyStruggles #OvercomingLifeObstacles

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