Immigration Poem

By: Paul Sabogal Gila


There is a road trip that comes once in a lifetime

a road trip that has no gas stop, let alone check twice for any one left by the road.

A laborious experience of going to the unknown where you have never gone.

Like a paper plane who with constricted wings and slim margins

must face the winds of language, culture and innovation

while all dependant on the idea of somewhere out there being good fortune.

And who with this heaviest baggage of a past life and past knowledge

must all go from Spain to Canada,

the struggle of self-determination begins here.

This is immigration.

As if one had thought life before this was complex,

this trip shows the reflex,

to show where the mind can take us we can go,

so much so a small dot marked on a map started it all.

This wildest imagination can show you about destinies of self,

they’re dependency not on people’s success

but life penalties.

Of the consequences that running into an economic roadblock can take you to,

and the strain of heart it takes to leave it all behind…

like a converted blind man, can transform you into.

But with this time that you have,

Canada is that experience that cannot be beat with any other,

the chance for a new start in a new world set apart.

Where more than hundreds of languages and cultures can coexist,

this is no dream, but your arrival to the Olympics of every possible dream.

Like the body of a river who goes through its own way

until the time comes together to create a waterfall.

“Can- a da”, “Can”, as the name itself says, Canada is built on doing.

Resting on that is the best you can do,

For the road to opportunity is not reached without its boundaries.

Boundaries that will not be posted by on a sign

as you pass by the side of the road.

Boundaries that may never subside as you arrive and stay in your new home.

For when you leave what you had

you are left with a new drawing board full of circles,

with a new road that must be left up to you to find your fortune

This is the trip that will show you

it’s possible to cut the umbilical cord for the second time

and still feel alive like it’s worth living.

Because as everyone knows,

where there is a will, there can be a way.