Ms​ Haines – Teachers of FHCI: Before We Knew Them

By Kana Ogawa and Sapna Humar

When we look at teachers of FHCI, it is hard to picture them doing anything other than being in the classroom, and teaching us school related things.  However, as surprising as it may sound, some teachers have had previous occupations, before they became what we know them as today. Here are some of our great teachers, and their jobs before FHCI.

Were you anything before you were a teacher?

 “I taught English in Korea for a year… it was really cool. I also worked as an educational assistant, with students with autism. And I was a waitress in a bar… that’s where I got my education. Before I taught here, I taught at Downsview, Birchmount Park, and Woburn.”

Do you like working here?

“Yeah I do, I really like this school. I think the kids are great, it’s a beautiful building, and there’s a lot going on at this school that gets me excited, like a lot of clubs. I love the staff and I love the students, so I am very happy here.”

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