Nicolette Kabitsis, Queen’s University


Although High School can feel like a lengthy four years of long days and stressful nights, once you get accepted into the university of your choice, it all gets more bearable. Yes, the work is harder but the university only wants you to succeed. There are countless groups and organizations there to encourage you and ensure you reach your maximum potential. If it were not for Forest Hill, I would not be where I am today. The teachers at FHCI were all understanding and prepared me for what was to come in my first year at Queens University.

If I could give the graduating class a couple tips, I would say… It is okay to stress. The stress you have throughout High School should show you the motivation you need in order to be successful in university. It is also okay to feel confused with the material you’re learning, just as long as you reach for help. Your teachers want you to succeed and are there to help you. If you work hard throughout your years and make your time at FHCI count, university will all be worth it.