Volunteering Opportunities for November

By: Francesca C, Daria D, Sonika H, Ellaha S Holland-Bloorview Rehabilitation Hospital Volunteer at Holland-Bloorview! Holland-Bloorview is Canada’s largest pediatric rehabilitation hospital, and is now looking for volunteers for the school year programs (Sep – June). Volunteers will get the chance to assist children with disabilities in learning, sports, and other activities. Volunteers must be: … More Volunteering Opportunities for November


By: Sarah Mahammad So, prom season is in full swing — and what is it that comes along with prom? Promposals! They’re the over-hyped proposal of asking your crush or someone you just like to prom in an extraordinary way…but nowadays it’s usually just a text message saying ‘prom?’ (Which is completely fine! If it … More Promposals