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Whats Happening with Climate Change?

Author: Ellaha S. Since 1948, average temperatures in Canada have been increasing by 1.7 degrees celsius. There will be more rain, and sea levels will rise. Warm water will become increasingly noticeable over the next century.  According to Natural Resources Canada, more than 95 percent of the sea ice will be gone by 2100. Areas… Continue reading Whats Happening with Climate Change?


3 Low-Budget Things To Do For Halloween In Toronto

By: Sacha S. Let’s face it, high school students are pretty broke in Toronto. We carry a $5 bill in our pocket and wonder, “Should I spend this on the new Popeye’s sandwich or the TTC?” and, “Is there anything in Toronto that I can buy with $5 that is authentic?” Planning your future events… Continue reading 3 Low-Budget Things To Do For Halloween In Toronto

Articles, Editorials

Volunteering Opportunities for November

By: Francesca C, Daria D, Sonika H, Ellaha S Holland-Bloorview Rehabilitation Hospital Volunteer at Holland-Bloorview! Holland-Bloorview is Canada’s largest pediatric rehabilitation hospital, and is now looking for volunteers for the school year programs (Sep - June). Volunteers will get the chance to assist children with disabilities in learning, sports, and other activities. Volunteers must be:… Continue reading Volunteering Opportunities for November