By: Sarah Mahammad

So, prom season is in full swing — and what is it that comes along with prom? Promposals!

They’re the over-hyped proposal of asking your crush or someone you just like to prom in an extraordinary way…but nowadays it’s usually just a text message saying ‘prom?’ (Which is completely fine! If it works it works).

Even just a text message can ignite the flame of someone’s anxiety deciding if they REALLY DO want to go with said person or if they REALLY DON’T wanna embarrass said person and will just say yes.

Let’s all get this cleared out right now. I know most people will be against this but, you don’t HAVE to say yes. Of course, I know that it’s rude to say no to the person who put so much effort into making a promposal for you, but there is a reason why the option “No” is there—because it’s your choice.

Yes, society and the environment you’re in will slap you on the wrist for not following the norm but, who cares? Does it look like THOSE PEOPLE are being asked? No! Plus even if you say yes, do you really want to look back in ten years like, “Wow I can’t believe I actually did that.” No! So from me to you, when the time comes, REMEMBER: there are TWO options not just ONE.

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