Roles Reversed

Look down my Friend! And leave nature
Or surely you’ll trip over.
Look down my Friend! And think:
Why hold a worthless clover?

Step away from the greens that lie beneath us;
Be on the pavement waiting for the bus.
Step away from the buzz of the beehive
And accomplish things that help one survive.

Do not count on just opinions or theories to succeed;
Study your books before you proceed.
The knowledge that’s gathered makes one smarter;
Without it, one’s choices and decisions are so much harder.

Nature is as boring as it sounds;
Dead leaves scattered on the grounds.
Snakes and spiders that put you in danger;
Believe me, it’s better to stay inside a chamber.

Nature won’t teach you anything.
Books on the other hand have everything.
So, my friend, close your door and window
Before you get bitten by a black widow.

A response to William Wordsworth’s “The Tables Turned” by Amber Stinton and Hazel Zenarosa