Teachers of FHCI: Ms. Hadziahmetovic

By: Lielle Ronen

What is the one thing that most people don’t know about you?

I’ve undergone a serious surgery in the early stages of my teaching career. It further allowed me to find happiness in each and every day of my life. 

Do you have any memorable trips/vacations in the past?

Luckily, I have travelled extensively – predominantly through Europe.  My mother used to say “ignorance is cured by travelling”.  Although I am keen on travelling for the purpose of learning and acquiring a new appreciation for various cultures around the world, my most memorable trips were quite recent with my daughter Ema.  Ema and I have a busy schedule and we look forward to leaving for a week anywhere warm to relax together, enjoy each other’s company and laugh, laugh and laugh some more.  Life is great at any location when shared with someone you love unconditionally. 

If you weren’t a teacher a teacher what do you think you would be?

I would say that I would be doing something similar – impacting society in a positive manner. Law is my passion; so anything in regards to educating and helping individuals in our society.  Wait – that is my current job! I think this is my dream career and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I try very hard to live in the moment and not focus on what should’ve/could’ve been. 

What’s your favourite thing about being a teacher?

I enjoy interesting subject matter and learning with and from resources and people around me and then sharing this knowledge with my students.  By far, my favourite aspect would have to be the human interaction embedded in the learning environment.  We have this great opportunity to learn so much from each other that extends beyond textbooks.  Ensuring that students feel safe, respected and comfortable to partake in this sharing of knowledge and skills is my ultimate goal. 

Overall, did you enjoy high school?

I would say so.  I was bullied throughout high school but excelled in school, played some great volleyball and found my place in extra curricular involvement such as student council.  I also had a mother who helped me tremendously to see the world in a positive light and that has resonated with me well beyond high school.   I do enjoy “high school” a lot more now, especially this wonderful second home FHCI where positivity and kindness is celebrated. 

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