The 10 Types of Students in Every Class

By Esther Eisen and Danielle Westreich

Every class has its own vibe and feels different. But for the most part, there are always these 10 types of students in each one.

1.     The Sassy One. There’s always that one student who isn’t afraid to speak their mind. They will go to an all-out war to ensure that their opinion is heard. Sometimes they are tolerated, even funny, but the teacher doesn’t always appreciate their style.

2.     The Funny One. There’s always that one student who can echo SNL. They always help lift the mood even in a stressful moment.

3.     The Nosy One. There’s always that one student who runs faster than Usian Bolt to compare marks on any and all assessments.

4.    The Absent One. There’s always that one student who you swore could’ve dropped the class the first day but then you walk into the exam and you’re flabbergasted by their presence.

5.    The Familiar One. The one who you’ve had classes with before and know them well enough to occasionally have a conversation with but not well enough to consider them your friend.

6.    The Top Student. The one who is upset with their 95% and is majorly stressing while you’re thankful that you passed.

7.    The One Who Doesn’t Try. This student can go one of two ways. Option A: They put in the bare minimum amount of effort, insist that they failed, but somehow get perfect on everything. Option B: They put in the same amount of effort as Option A but have hit rock bottom as far as grades go.

8.    The Overly Stressed One. The one that breaks down just about every class and is always stressed about something. This is a side of all of us that seems to flare up during exams.

9.    The One Who Doesn’t Understand Personal Space. Their hair is always draped over your desk, they lean in so close that you can see their pores and they need to be introduced to the magical idea of a personal space bubble.

10. The Flawless One. There’s always one student who puts in a lot of effort in their appearance. Their makeup is perfect. Their hair is perfect. Their outfit is perfect. They pretty much never wear sweatpants. They provide a nice juxtaposition to those of us who just roll out of bed.

Esther and Danielle are grade 12 students at FHCI and are both part of the editorial team of The Golden Falcon newspaper.

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