The Community Transit Committee

By Nicole Smith and Erisa Shahinaj

The community transit committee is a student club at FHCI that works with Metrolinx and Green Communities Canada to promote alternative ways of getting to school besides driving. We promote walking, biking, or taking the TTC to school. Our other goal is to find ways to reduce congestion around the school caused by the 33 bus re-route and the construction of the Eglinton Crosstown. You may have heard us on the announcements or have seen our posters around the school. We collaborate with different organizations to voice student opinions on the TTC and their commutes to school. We also run campaigns around the school such as surveys and contests, which helps be able to provide the best possible outcome that benefits the students.

If you are interested in joining the community transit committee be sure to come to room 231 on Mondays at lunch to provide your input. Community service hours are also awarded to members of the committee!