The One and Only Day of Pink

By Gabe Nisker

I get to school. It’s loud. Music blares. It hurt my eyes. So much pink. It might hurt for you to read this. So many short sentences.

Anyways, Day of Pink was today. That’s April 12th, for those of you reading this on a day that isn’t April 12th. We celebrate LGBT+ and take a stand against bullies and maybe against injustice on the whole.

And now that I have you, I’m going to run you through my 3 big messages from today.

1. Power in numbers

There’s a really nice tree out in front of our school and by that, I mean on one of the walls in the foyer. And on that wall are a boatload of messages written by people like us. You know that old saying “two heads are better than one” — well, that’s definitely true. Approximately 1000 handwritten messages on hand cutouts are definitely better than 999. And that’s better than 998 and so on and so forth all the way to one. When we link up to put an end to bullying, we can actually make a change but you better believe it. You can’t not believe it and hope something will happen. I just used a double negative.

2. Words matter

They slice, they cut, they stab and they hurt. Be impeccable with your word. If you’re trying to say you don’t like something, don’t say “that’s so gay”. That’s not what the word means. Another example: if you’re making a presentation, be concise. A third example is if you’re writing an article, don’t write too many words. In that case, let me move on.

3. Pretty in pink

Be proud, Forest Hill because I don’t say this lightly — words do matter, you know. Anyways, collectively, we might be the best looking group of pink-wearers I’ve ever seen. That’s all.