United Way Week was a Success!

By: Denis Qeska and Mike Sivolap

It began in 1917 with the vision of a non-profit organization working to strengthen communities. This marked the beginning of the United Way Centraide. Having since grown in size, United Way is the largest non-governmental supporter of social services in the region. They support a multitude of 2180 programs across Canada. These include things for all ages, even teens. These range from family support to mental health. Contributions to this organization go towards funding such programs. As such, the final week of October has been dedicated to supporting this charity.

Music emanates as delectable scents waft through the hall. They intensify as you walk towards it. The smell continues to get stronger and the music louder. You are getting closer. A banner comes into view and Freddy the Falcon offers a high-four. Suddenly you are surrounded by booths in the main foyer. It is United Way Week at Forest Hill.

HomeForms and clubs alike organized various events throughout this week. You may have met Freddy the Falcon or even squared off in chess on Monday.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 8.38.39 PM.png

As the week progressed, you might see a raffle, a bake sale, the always popular pizza, or even face painting. Towards the end of the week, you might play against your teachers in dodgeball, or get various deserts, just to name a few. The support even continued on Monday of next week with a bake sale held by Cookies for a Cure. All of them drew crowds.

The contributions of all these groups, the support of teachers, admin, staff, and the support of the school are what made this week a reality. United for a common goal is when we truly embody the school motto: not for ourselves alone. Together, we raised over $1000 for United Way, definitely showed our support for a great cause, and had a spectacular time doing so. Congratulations on making this a success Forest Hill!