“Unstructured” by Aiden Muscovitch

Riding my heart, flying like a kite. 

Awaken my love, awaken my light. 

Channel my soul, control my mind. 

Have my life, take away my night. 

Everlasting eyes, peering at a gaze. 

Long-lasting love will never be the same.


Never Won’t happen, the past is inevitable. 

Always watching, I am pitiful. 

Take your time, you’re already beautiful. 

All you do is doubt, flaws are plentiful. 

Lies out of your mouth, leave me be, please be merciful. 

I never knew you felt like that. 

Ever wonder if I am the one perhaps? 

Maybe see you and me through. 

Agree with me that he’s a tool. 

Right away you knew he was a fool. 

I know I am not the one for you. 

Am I the same shade of blue? 


Justify your mind. 

Observe my soul. 

Realize my thoughts. 

Doubt me as a whole.  

Abrupt heartache, more than a few. 

Nauseous in the sight of you. 

Am I the one who knows the truth?

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