What shade of purple are you?

By: Gabe Nisker and Nate Schenk

1) When you have a deadline in two hours, you:
a) stress out and kick something
b) do nothing, except maybe sleep
c) calmly and quietly get all your work done
2) Day trip to the carnival! When jixodGo6T.gifyou get there, you:
a) seek thrills on the roller coaster
b) eat way too much cotton candy
c) get on the Ferris wheel
3)  Lots on TV tonight! You pick:
a) the big game or, maybe, the bigger game
b) the presidential debate or a recorded version of it after the fact
c) Keeping Up With The Kardashians
4) What do you do in your free time? Your hobby is:
a) taming wild animals
b) collecting antique globes
c) gossiping
5) Going out for dinner! Let’s go to:
a) East Side Mario’s
b) Popeye’s
c) Montana’s
6) Comic-Con is coming up. You’re dressing up, right? Who are you going as?
a) Donald Trump
b) Timon and your best friend will be Pumbaa
c) Pikachu

If you answered mostly:
a) Lavender, what a tremendous shade for you! 100% match
b) no better shade than lavender, now is there? 100% match
c) could you be any more like Lavender? 100% match