Band Review: Twenty One Pilots

By Vanessa Ifepe

Abstract, Authentic and Alternative.


These are three words that describe Twenty One Pilots, one of the biggest alternative, bands I know. This band strives to be different through their sound, lyrics, and unique personality. The band members, Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph, continue to give their fans, referred to as the skeleton clique, the alternative hip-hop, indie pop and electro pop everyone starts to crave once they hear about this band.


I heard about them through a friend last year and at first like everyone else, I didn’t appreciate their talent. I thought it sounded messy and confused. As time passed, I grew to love it. Tyler and Josh often say that their goal is to challenge the mainstream style of music.

They’ve proven to do just that with their original and unique songs and performances.

When I started listening to Twenty One Pilots, I first listened to the album Regional At Best and then listened to Blurryface, their most recent album that debuted on May 19th, 2015. I would describe Blurryface as mainstream lyrics with a twist. Their sound is unpredictable, meaning you never know what to expect and I personally think that’s what makes them interesting.

I hope that, as Twenty One Pilots continues to grow in fame, other bands and singers will follow in their footsteps and become more expressive.  If you’re looking for a new band that will make you question your taste in music, this is the band for you. Songs I would recommend are: Lane Boy, Car Radio, Addict with a Pen, Migraine, Kitchen Sink, Stressed Out, We Don’t Believe what’s On TV, Slowtown, The Run And Go, Ride, Tear In My Heart and Lovely. There are many more but these should give you a little taste of what to expect.