Thank you Falcons!

Hey Forest Hill! It’s Student Council here to update you on all of the amzaing work we’ve done so far. Can you believe it’s already November?! Not only have we raised more school spirit, but we have also raised approximately $300 MORE than last year in both our Terry Fox and United Way Week fundraisers! … More Thank you Falcons!

Movie and TV Reviews

By: Gio Dela Cruz Featured Movie: The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials This thrilling, fast-paced, and action-packed sequel to the Maze Runner brings new surprises every minute. The Maze was impossible, but now Thomas and his fellow Gladers find themselves in an almost too welcoming facility that claims to oppose the organization, WICKED (World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment … More Movie and TV Reviews

Calling All Coffee Addicts!

By Mira Rossen, Emma Blatt, Emma Bogner, and Zoe Flores Himalayan Java Website: Location: 2552 Yonge St (Yonge and Eglinton) If you’re looking for a quiet study atmosphere near school, hop on the eastbound 32 bus and head to Himalayan Java. Only a short distance from FHCI, this coffee shop is a great place to … More Calling All Coffee Addicts!

Dear Grade 9 Me…

By Janet Chukwu and Kejsi Vaso and Mira Rossen We asked senior students for advice that they would give themselves if they were back in grade nine. Below, a collection of senior students share their best pieces of advice based on years of high school experience. In other words, this is what they wish someone  had … More Dear Grade 9 Me…

Parody Advertisements

Students in the Grade 11 Media Studies course created parody advertisements (an advertisement that ridicules or draws negative attention to the real advertisement). Can you spot the criticism? Created by Tyler Burstein: Created by Henry Frumkin: Created by Riley Koltun: Created by Roberto Iduria: Created by Edan Rosen:  

High Five

Five Jokes by Austin Kranc 1. A student holds a putter. “I’m now a student leader. I own the golf club.” 2. A science teacher shows her students a live frog ready for dissection. “Class we will perform an experiment.” She puts the frog down. “Jump!” The frog jumps. She then cuts off the frog’s … More High Five


What’s a podcast? It’s an audio documentary. Here are a few examples: Daniel Genaro created this podcast which asks the question, “Are you addicted to your phone?”   This podcast by Keigo Ogawa answers the question, “What is success?”   This podcast about artificial intelligence is created by Kevin Jorgo:   This podcast by Samantha Myers is … More Podcasts

An Issue from 2008

Are you curious what the Golden Falcon looked like in 2008? Click on the link below to see what students were writing about back then. 2008 GF issue

Andrew Hill, Graduate

By Tal Harxhi What advice would you give to someone who is entering high school? Just don’t be afraid, it’s hard, it’s really hard, but, try to find something that you really like and just do it. Don’t be afraid of having fun because by being afraid you’re just stopping yourself from having fun and … More Andrew Hill, Graduate

Marrile and Marian Eata, Twins

By Olivia Gould Did a lot of people confuse the two of you when you were younger? Marrile: A lot of people thought we weren’t twins and that there was only one of us. Marian: Our teacher thought we just moved around super fast.

How to Deal with Stress

By Kelly Ho High school is definitely a place full of stress! You may experience a lack of sleep in order to keep up with homework, extreme anxiety before tests and exams, and a loss of appetite due to stress. However, If you don’t deal with these problems head-on, it will likely lead to an … More How to Deal with Stress

Album Review: Sound & Color

By Ester Themeli Searching for some good, new music that’s actually good and new?! Well look no further, my friend! Alabama Shakes’s new album “Sound & Color” is definitely worth your time. Alabama Shakes are an American soul/blues/rock band that formed in— you guessed it— Alabama, in 2009. The band members are Brittany Howard (lead … More Album Review: Sound & Color

Mr. Parkes

Mr. Parkes retired last June after teaching for over 30 years. At FHCI, he was the Head of History and then the school librarian in his last couple of years. He will be remembered for being a notorious punster, the master of the backwards walk (down the hall while still chatting with you) and, most … More Mr. Parkes

Band Review: Twenty One Pilots

By Vanessa Ifepe Abstract, Authentic and Alternative. These are three words that describe Twenty One Pilots, one of the biggest alternative, bands I know. This band strives to be different through their sound, lyrics, and unique personality. The band members, Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph, continue to give their fans, referred to as the skeleton clique, the alternative hip-hop, … More Band Review: Twenty One Pilots