Forest Hill’s New Club: The Crafting Club

By: Sarah Chu

We have a crafting club? Yes, indeed! It began last year with around ten members who all shared a passion to make crafts and give back to the school community. With their hardworking president, Xinni Lin, they have made crafts for Pink Day and want to to expand the crafts that they can make.

Their work includes a wide variety of creations ranging from headbands to scarves. As a crafter myself, I went to ask the president some questions, and received some interesting answers.

Q: When is the club running and where?
A: Crafting club runs tuesdays at lunch in room G25.

Q: What started the idea of a crafting club in school?
A: The idea of Crafting Club started when my friend was knitting in school and other friends found it fascinating and wanted to learn so we decided to start our own club dedicated to making crafts.

Q: What kind of crafts do you do?
A: We have a lot of yarn so we knit and crochet various items for our own interest such as fingerless gloves and scarves at the moment. We plan to make small plushies, pompoms, embroidery, crochet flower, and flowers from tissue paper in the future, and we are open to more suggestions.

Q: Do you make crafts for any events/charities?
A: We plan to make crafts for school events and charities. For example, last year during our meetings we made headbands and decorated T-shirts for Pink day.

This year, we plan to make knitted goods such as socks to donate to charities so that homeless people can stay warm during the harsh winter.

Q: Who are the sponsoring teachers?
A: The sponsoring teachers are Ms. Campbell and Ms. A.Chan, who are cool and wonderful teachers. I am extremely grateful for their invaluable assistance with running the club and for going above and beyond merely supervising the club.

Q: What are some goals you want accomplished from crafting club?
A: I want Crafting Club to inspire people to discover their passion for making crafts and learn to persevere through a time-consuming project.

It is a close-knit community where people can learn and teach each other and new members are always welcome to join.

In addition to being fun and relaxing, I want crafting club to make a difference by assisting the school and the community through its crafts.

If you are interested in making crafts and having a good time, join Crafting Club!