Album Review: Sound & Color

By Ester Themeli


Searching for some good, new music that’s actually good and new?! Well look no further, my friend! Alabama Shakes’s new album “Sound & Color” is definitely worth your time.

Alabama Shakes are an American soul/blues/rock band that formed in— you guessed it— Alabama, in 2009. The band members are Brittany Howard (lead vocals, guitar), Zac Cockrell (bass guitar), Heath Fogg (guitar, backing vocals), and Steve Johnson (backing vocals, drums). Brittany Howard’s voice is heavily influenced by the Southern atmosphere that she associates herself with.

The Alabama Shakes are unique in that their music has very obvious elements of Southern blues and soul, but they put their own spin on the genre and add an element of rock.


The band’s most recent album, Sound & Color, was released this year and got immediate positive feedback from websites like: Billboard, NME, and The Rolling Stone. This album is filled with amazing songs. The first few seconds of the first song in the album, “Sound & Color”, has a chill vibe that you can’t help but love. I promise that you will find yourself swaying back and forth to the music.

Not only does this album contain relaxing songs, but it also has a wide variety of fun and upbeat songs, like “The Greatest,” to which you can have have a one-person dance party in your room (come on, we all have one of those every now and again).

If you like what you hear you should definitely buy their album. I know guys, actually buying music’s totally a bummer but this album is so worth it.