Dear Grade 9 Me…

By Janet Chukwu and Kejsi Vaso and Mira Rossen

We asked senior students for advice that they would give themselves if they were back in grade nine. Below, a collection of senior students share their best pieces of advice based on years of high school experience. In other words, this is what they wish someone  had told them when they were in grade 9.

Dear grade 9 me, the great moments of your life won’t necessarily be the things you do; they’ll also be the things that happen to you.

Dear grade 9 me, don’t stress too much about grade 9 since it gets way harder; dress better, and making friends is easier than it seems so don’t worry about it.

Dear grade 9 me, keep your work ethic throughout all of high school.

Dear grade 9 me, study hard.

Dear grade 9 me, DON’T PLAGIARIZE.

Dear grade 9 me, getting your phone taken away isn’t that bad.

Dear grade 9 me, join clubs.

Dear grade 9 me, don’t be afraid to leave your friend group and try things outside your comfort zone.

Dear grade 9 me, claim your lunch spot early.

Dear grade 9 me, plan ahead for your future.

Dear grade 9 me, don’t procrastinate.

Dear grade 9 me, fast track courses to reduce stress in your grade 12 year.

Dear grade 9 me, ask questions. Being curious isn’t a bad thing.

Dear grade 9 me, find the quickest path to your classes so you don’t get stuck in a hallway traffic jam.

Dear grade 9 me, go for extra help with teachers. Just do it.

Dear grade 9 me, you don’t need to eat beef patties every single day.

Dear grade 9 me, the grade 12’s are just as lost as you are. Don’t worry.

Dear grade 9 me, be social and make more new friends.

Dear grade 9 me, you should have transferred to Forest Hill earlier.

Dear grade 9 me, don’t be so hard on yourself.

Dear grade 9 me, I wish I could tell myself that I would grow so much more than I could have ever expected in my wildest dreams. That these four years of high school would shape me in profound ways, whether through the relationships I’ve cultivated (one in particular) or just the people I was surrounded with in my classes.

So, Grade nines, remember that it gets better and you will survive high school!