Breakups of FHCI: Danielle and James

Interview conducted by Andreea Iurea


When did you break up?

Danielle: June.

Are you still friends?

Danielle and James: Yes.

What are the rules for exes to remain friends?

Danielle: Remember to be nice.

What is your favourite memory with your ex?

James: Meeting the fam at her sisters birthday.

Danielle: Going for ice cream.

Do you think Valentine’s Day should be celebrated?

Danielle: Of course! I love Valentines Day! Great excuse to eat lots of chocolate.

Let’s play a game! How well do you know your ex?

Commonly used phrase(s)? 

James (about Danielle): “Oysh” “Smush”

Favourite place to eat?

Danielle (about James): Ferraro

Favourite artist? 

Danielle (about James): Drake

James (about Danielle): Gavin Degraw

Biggest dream/goal/aspiration? 

Danielle (about James): To be Harvey Spector.

Favourite show?

James (about Danielle): The Bachelor

Danielle (about James): Suits