Couples of FHCI: Daniela and Max

Interview conducted by Andreea Iurea


How did you two meet?

Daniela: We met in grade 9 at Forest Hill.

What do you love most about him/her?

Daniela: I love that I can be myself around him 24/7. He also puts up with my craziness and loves me for it, which is pretty great.

Max: I love the combination of funny and cute she carries. I also love how she’s very kind hearted and always trying to do the best possible thing for both of us.

Do you think Valentine’s Day should be celebrated? Why/why not?

Max: Personally, I like a day dedicated to couples. But at the same time, if it wasn’t celebrated I would not feel the need to have it.

Daniela: Yes, I think Valentine’s Day should be celebrated. It is a great holiday to spread love throughout schools, families, and couples. It definitely isn’t just for couples and is a good reason to show the people you love how much you care for them.

What does love look like to you?

Daniela: To me, love looks like kindness, understanding, and support when you need one another.

Max: To me, love looks like something that is good and addictive. Because love is very great, if something were to happen it would be very hard to overcome.

What makes you feel most loved?

Daniela: When someone does something to support me in a hard time or make me happy without a reason or being asked too.

Max: I feel the most loved when people care for my needs over what they want personally and when people are there to comfort me when in need.

Favorite date idea?

Daniela: Dinner, Raptors’ game, ice cream to follow.

Max: A nice dinner then cuddling and just chilling, having fun.

Favourite way to spend time with each other?

Daniela: Just chilling and watching TV together.

Max: When we just casually hang out and are ourselves.

Would you rather give gifts of receive gifts?

Daniela: Both! Don’t like receiving them without also giving, but definitely like receiving presents.

Max: As good as a feeling it is to give a gift and see her happiness, obviously it is better to receive a gift as you gain the item as well, which makes you feel even more cared for.

How do you know when you’re in love?

Daniela: It’s more of a feeling than something you can describe. But love to me is when you can completely trust someone and they are the person you go to for everything. You always want to be with him/her and want to hear about everything happening in each other’s lives.

Max: You don’t necessarily know if you’re in love until you think about losing them. If you believe you cannot lose your partner then you are in love. As well, love is a feeling that just comes to one and you can tell when it comes.

Dinner at a fancy restaurant or fast food take out date?

Daniela: Depends my mood, but usually nicer restaurants!

Max: I think dinner at any restaurant where you can sit down and talk. Doesn’t need to be fancy.

Who is your perfect celebrity Valentine?

Daniela: Matt Bomer or Zac Efron – can’t decide.

Max: Selena Gomez.

You can pick two qualities in a guy/girl, which do you pick: faithfulness, good humour, and intelligence?

Daniela: Faithfulness and intelligence.

Max: I think all are very important and that is how you know someone is special. When they carry all three.