Coffee House: A Review

By Sapna Humar

Last Wednesday, Forest Hill’s music department hosted its second coffee house of the year, and it was a great success! For those of you who don’t know, FHCI’s coffee house is a gathering of students where anyone can perform and showcase their musical talents, whether it be singing a song or strumming a tune on the guitar. 

This was the second time coffee house was held in the music room, and the atmosphere was one of the defining characteristics of the night. The dim lighting, numerous lamps, and yoga mats on the ground really set the mood, and made for a relaxed environment where performers and the audience could feel comfortable.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 9.50.47 PM

To top it off, free food was offered as well! During intermission, a wide variety of snacks were given to both the audience and the performers, and this really solidified people’s enjoyment of the event.

Overall, it was a great night, with a supportive audience and extremely talented performers. However, if even more people had come to cheer on their friends, or just to simply hang out, the event would be that much better. Coming to coffee house, even for a few minutes, would have instantly brightened your day and would have made for a great place to just relax and relieve your stress. The next coffee house, which will be held this November, will no doubt prove to be even better than this year’s!

A sincere congratulations goes out to all performers, and a special thank you to all those who organized the event!

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