Teachers of FHCI: Mr. Berger

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If you weren’t a teacher, what do you think you would be?

“I gave some real thought to being a lawyer for a while, and I also thought about being a professor and haven’t entirely dismissed that as a possibility maybe sometime down the road.”

What do you want to do after retirement?

“It would be nice to go down to the faculty of education and teach new teachers sometime in the future.”

What are some hobbies you have outside of the classroom?

“As an English teacher, it’s probably not going to be a great surprise that I’m a big reader. I’m also a cyclist and used to compete actually. I still do it[su_members message=”If you would like to read the rest of this interview, please %login%. It only takes a minute and is 100% secure.” color=”#4bb8fc” login_text=”create an account” login_url=”https://fhcigoldenfalcon.com/register” class=””] a lot in the summer and enjoy it.”

Do you have any memorable trips/vacations in the past?

“I’ve done so much travelling that there isn’t one in particular that sticks out, but between high school and University, I lived in London for almost five years, during which time I did do a lot of travelling. It is the one city in the world that every once in a while I’ll get sort of a hankering for. I haven’t been there for about four years now — I was actually thinking of going back in the summer.”

Did you pick up an accent?

“It’s interesting — I was in a band and we travelled around a lot, so I was constantly around guys with very thick accents, and when I would come home, people would say, ‘What’s with that pretentious accent?’ and I wouldn’t even hear it.


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