Couples of FHCI: Abby and Evan

By: Madison A. and Emma K.

How long have you guys been dating?

Evan: About two and a half years

How did you guys meet?

Abby: We were in the same Math and English class in Grade 9

How did you start dating?

Evan: Abby decided we were dating

Abby: I made the first move

What is a weird thing about each other?

Evan: She’s a vegetarian

Abby: He folds his pyjamas and leaves them under his pillow during the day

Who wins the arguments?

Both: I do

What is your pet peeve about each other?

Evan: She eats my lunch all the time

Abby: He whines when I try to pop his pimples

What do you like most about each other?

Evan: She’s funny

Abby: He really knows how to make me smile

What’s your ideal date together?

Evan: Chilling at home with good food

Abby: Pretty much anything

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