Teachers of FHCI: Ms. Roca

By: Tatiana C.

What is a hidden talent or skill of yours?

I am a jazz percussionist.  It is the ultimate source of meditation.  

What were you before you became a teacher?

I continue to be a playwright, a librettist, a songwriter, a musician, an undercover cop, a music critic,  a dance maker, a director, a screenplay writer, and most important, an extreme sports aficionado.  

What made you decide to go into teaching?

I have taught throughout my career as a playwright/director Artist in Residence at universities across Canada.  Teaching is my Career in Retirement – it is my gesture in giving back.  

How does highschool theatre compare to professional theatre for you personally?

Professional theatre demands that you belong to the public to do what they will with your blood, sweat and tears.  You are vulnerable to public humiliation and, to superhero status. At the highschool level, it is fun fun fun where more accidents are likely to happen and, we know that accidents are often laced with brilliance.

What is the thing you enjoy the most about being a teacher?


If you could go back in time, what would you do differently and what would you tell yourself?

Can’t do it.  Wish I could. Can’t.

What advice would you give highschool students?

Climb a tree. 

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