Couples of FHCI: Joanne & Adrian


By Kana Ogawa and Ira Dimogkioka


How long have you guys been dating?

Adrian: One year.

Joanne: A couple of days before a year.


How did you meet?

Joanne: At school, at the end of Grade 9, at the lunch table.


What was your first impression of each other?

Adrian: She was mean.

Joanne: I thought he was really pretentious.


Dinner at fast food or at a fancy restaurant?

Both: Fast food.


What is a weird thing about your SO?

Joanne: He has a banana addiction.


Who wins the arguments?

Joanne: We don’t really argue but I guess I do.


Who’s your celebrity Valentine?

Adrian: Hugh Jackman.


Do you guys believe in Valentine’s Day?

Adrian: What’s there to believe in?

Joanne: No.


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