Self-Care Tips

self care

By: Sarah Mahammad

The majority of us associate Valentine’s day with spending a romantic day out with our significant other and multiple displays of affection. Wait, but what if you don’t have a significant other? Don’t fear because I am here to teach you 5 self-care ideas you single pringles can do this Valentine’s day!

1. Treat yourself out

Dont wait around for others to treat you, be your own person and treat yourself! Why? Because you deserve it!

2. Have a mindfulness day

Spend some time away from negative energies and reflect on yourself during your alone time. Find out how to be content by yourself and what makes you happy.

3. Make an at-home spa

Most guys are stereotypically opposed to a ‘spa day’ but its 2019—no one cares. Also it’s good for you mentally and physically, so why not run a bath or throw a face mask on?

4. Spend quality time with family or friends

Instead of looking for a significant other to spend Valentine’s day with, spend time with people around you that matter the most. Going out with your friends or family and making memories is a thousand times better than being a grinch for Valentine’s day and being alone. Unless you want to be alone, which is all cool too!

5. Go for a walk around the neighbourhood

To add onto the mindfulness point, go out and about this Valentine’s day, whether you’re with someone or not. The person who matters the most at the end of the day is you and even taking some time to appreciate yourself on a walk is more rewarding than a box of Shoppers Drug Mart chocolate. Also, you can walk yourself on February 15 to your local mart and get discounted chocolate! So who’s the real winner now?

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