Exclusive Day of Pink Interview: Ms. Campbell

Although FHCI is notorious for lacking spirit, there is one day each year that unites our school and brings out the spirit of each student and faculty member. This day is known as Day of Pink: the international day against bullying, discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, and transmisogyny. The Golden Falcon was fortunate enough to do an exclusive interview with Ms. Campbell, the backbone of FHCI’s Day of Pink, where she divulges what Day of Pink means to her and shares information about this year’s upcoming Day of Pink.


The Golden Falcon: How did you get involved with Day of Pink?

Ms Campbell: I joined the Mental Health Committee who was taking on Day of Pink. Mental health is something I’ve always been really passionate about, as well as Day of Pink, so it was a natural fit for me.

TGF: Knowing that our school isn’t incredibly spirited, how does it make you feel to see our school go all out for Day of Pink?

Ms. Campbell: I feel really proud of the dedication of not only the people who have been involved in planning this year’s Day of Pink, but also about the amazing participation of all the staff and the students who have supported such an important cause. I know that this year everyone’s going to be just as spirited and supportive about the cause.

TGF: How will this year’s Day of Pink differ from last year’s?

Ms. Campbell: This year, Day of Pink’s super club has decided that each member of our school community will sign a pledge for peace at FHCI. Each pledge has a different anti-bullying message. We will be building an enormous rainbow pathway in the main foyer, which we are calling, “The Pathway to Peace”. The idea is that each one of our pledges is a stepping-stone on the pathway to peace at FHCI. The pathway will be up for the remainder of the year to remind all of us about our commitment to stand in solidarity against bullying. Last year, the balloons were up and they lasted for a week. This year, we wanted something that would last for the full year to make a bigger impact on our everyday lives.

TGF: How is Day of Pink’s message meaningful to you?

Ms. Campbell: As a teacher, I have always been an advocate for those who have been bullied. I also believe that we should all stand up together to fight against bullying, but also to raise awareness about all forms of bullying, specifically among the LGBTQ community. It’s also meaningful to me because I think it sends a message, especially here with everyone participating, that we are all standing up together.

TGF: What is one message you want students to remember from Day of Pink?

Ms. Campbell: I want students to remember that bullying does happen. It happens to many students and many people all around the world. The effects of bullying can be both devastating and profound. Every staff, student and person needs to raise awareness and take a stand against homophobic and transphobic bullying.

Get excited, Forest Hill! The Day of Pink is on April 13th, so don’t forget to wear pink to show your support!