Which shade of PINK are you?

by Julia Reinstien

  1. You hear a friend of yours say “that’s so gay”, you:

(a) Call her out, it’s rude to use someone’s orientation as an insult

(b) Suggest a new word she could use instead, “gay” isn’t the same as “bad”

(c) Explain why it’s not ok to say, maybe she doesn’t know her words are hurtful

2.  When you spend time with your friends you like to:

(a) Plan a fun activity, you have so many as

(b) Do whatever they want to do, you’re not fussy

(c) Just relax and hang out, you just want to spend time with them

3.  You see someone being bullied in the hallway for what he’s wearing, you:

(a) Stand up for him, this bully doesn’t scare you

(b) Distract the bully to diffuse the situation

(c) Approach him later to make sure he’s ok

4. If you were an animal, you would be:

(a) A lion, they’re so powerful

(b) A monkey, they’re super funny

(c) A rabbit, they’re so soft

5. When a friend is sad you:

(a) Help them make a plan to fix what’s bothering them

(b) Cheer them up with a joke

(c) Listen attentively and give advice if they ask for it

6. Your best quality is your:

(a) Confidence

(b)Sense of humour

(c) Listening skills

7. Your worst quality is your:

(a) Temper

(b) Indecisiveness

(c) Shyness

8. A friend comes out to you as bisexual, you:

(a) Suggest a celebration, he should let his rainbow flag fly

(b) Start to ask him about any boys he likes, as well as the girls

(c) Let him know you will always be there for him, your friendship won’t change

9. Your average speaking volume is:

(a) Loud, you always want to be heard

(b) Medium, but it really depends on how excited you are

(c) Soft, you don’t want to overpower others

10. FHCI’s celebration of the International Day of Pink is on April 13, you most enjoyed:

(a) Seeing all of FHCI pinkified in support of ending homophobia and bullying

(b) The bake sale, in which all proceeds go to the Canadian Centre for Gender and    Sexual Diversity

(c) The Day of Pink Dialogue, hosted by GSA, where students can discuss issues regarding gender and sexuality based bullying


You are…

Mostly As

Hot Pink

You are confident and self-assured.  You always stand up for what is right and make sure other people do the same.  When you put your mind to it, you are a leader for change in your community.  Continue to speak out and be a positive influence to those around you.


Mostly Bs

 Bubble Gum Pink

You are fun loving and easy going.  You like to make people smile and don’t tolerate bullies.  You believe that hostility is the enemy of change, so you make sure to keep an open mind.  Continue to spread happiness, not hatred, to those around you.


Mostly Cs

 Baby Pink

You are soft spoken and kind.  You are always there for your friends and peers by listening openly and being compassionate.  You know that sometimes, all people need is a helpful friend to combat bullying.  Continue to support and care for those around you.