Forest Hill Catches Jays Fever

By Gabe Nisker
Blue Jays fever has run rampant. During the first post-season run for the team in 22 years, Forest Hill Collegiate was stricken. Students are representing their team throughout the halls, whether that be through a hat or jersey. Teachers are getting in on it, too.
Mr. Dinsmore is one of many teachers who cheer for the Jays.

Just this past week, a game conflicted with an extra help request, and so the extra help was rescheduled. He even created a strategy to stream the games during classes if need be.

Dylan Eisen, a Grade 11 student, had the opportunity to go to two games.

“The place felt like it was on fire,” he said, “because it was that loud.”

gabe baseball

I watched from home, often with friends. And I can tell you right now: everyone hung on every pitch.

Every base hit was a cheer, every strikeout utter disappointment.

Jose Bautista’s home run and subsequent bat flip resulted in mass yelling just as the Russell Martin throw prior resulted in collective disbelief.

To tell you how much the playoff run meant, I’ve heard people tell me baseball was boring and they’d never watch it. And then during the past few weeks, they’d tell me they’d seen the game.