Humans of FHCI: Anna and Mady

By Mia Brenner

Do you have any funny holiday memories?

Mady:” Last Christmas my cousin really wanted some ginger-ale and my Grandma always says soda. She was like’ oh Grandma do you have any ginger-ale’? My grandma was like ‘No sorry, I don’t have any’. And my cousin looks in the fridge and all that’s in there is ginger-ale. And she’s like ‘Grandma why didn’t you let me have any’? And my grandma was like’ I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Yeah my Christmas was pretty mad”

Do you have any new years resolutions?

Anna: “To do better and focus more on school and actually know whats going on.
Mady: “Yeah, raise my average and be more active.”

Have you ever kept a past new year resolution?

Anna: “No, I’m really bad at keeping them,”
Mady: “I don’t usually make new years resolution because it just sets you up for failure.”


Humans of FHCI is a popular column of The Golden Falcon Newspaper. Explore more student and teacher interviews here.

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