Humans of FHCI: Ari Grosman

This month, we interviewed one of the most interesting students at FHCI; our very own co-president, Ari Grosman!

What has been your mission as the school president?

My mission has been to stand up to toxic people at Forest Hill, and show people how moral and ethical values uphold our society and make it a safe space for everyone. 

What’s your favorite event you helped come about this year at FH?

My favorite event was Commencement. I really think it was a big thing, as only 70% of graduating students traditionally showed up in the fall, so by having it in the summer we can expect a much higher attendance and something that is more communal.

We all know you’re an entrepreneur. Tell us some more about that.

Yes, I am an entrepreneur. As the owner of Ari’s Bike Repair, I also do private lifeguarding, and I’m in the snow removal business. The reason I do it is because I can make so much more money than working a traditional job at the minimum wage. 

Who is the best teacher at Forest Hill, in your humble opinion?

This is tough, because I tell all the teachers that they’re my favorite teacher. But I can tell you my favorite principal: it’s Ms. Duffy.

We’ll make sure she hears that. If you could tell your grade 9 self one thing, what would it be?

Not everyone you meet is a good person, and you need to learn how to deal with those people in a way that is not hostile but at the same time they understand that you don’t want to talk to them.

What is the worst thing about FHCI?

There is no worst thing. 

How are you feeling about this year’s candidates for student council?

For the grade reps, there are a lot of very good people, and I have my personal opinions that have sadly been censored, as I’m not allowed to post them on social media or talk about them. All I can say is that there are right candidates and wrong candidates, in the sense that some of them have good intentions and some of them have poor intentions.

Who is voted will determine what type of school year FH has next year.

Where are you going next year, Ari?

Ask me again in about a month, nothing is set in stone.

We all saw you at the pep rally being very spirited. What’s your secret to staying spirited throughout the school year?

To whoever says that Forest Hill is not spirited, you’re looking at the wrong people. Forest Hill is spirited, you just gotta look for the right people for it.

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