Humans of FHCI: Dylan

By Mia Brenner

Can you share any specific holiday memories?

“My Mom used to tell me this story where [on christmas] we got a bulldozer toy that you could sit on. My brother was like really jealous and he pushed me off of it. My Mom got really mad and started yelling at him. He [my brother] didn’t really know who I was. At the time I was a newborn and really young. It was my first Christmas!”

As you approach the end of high school, are there are tips you would like to give to the younger grades?

“Don’t stress. Stress is actually good because it’s like a learning experience that teaches you how to deal with stuff. And you shouldn’t really stress in high school. You should just try to figure out who you are and be yourself. “

Do you have any new years resolutions and do you think you’ll keep up with them?

“Prioritize your time and live in the present.”
“For sure, yeah.”

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