Motivation for the start of semester 2.

Janet Chukwu, Caterina Vescio and Adnan Saoud

Students may find it hard to get through another semester of school, especially right after they have written final examinations. Students may have had a rough first semester, and have no motivation to complete another 5 months of treacherous work. They also could have had an excellent first semester, but scared second semester will not be as good as the first, and equally hesitant to begin the semester. In any case, a majority of students are not thrilled about starting a new semester. However, some people may be eager to have a new set of courses. Students in grade 12 are approaching the end of high school, so the next five months should be quite exciting for them. Of course, one cannot talk about grade 12 without mentioning stress. As midterms approach, the next couple of weeks are crucial for the seniors, as these marks are the last thing submitted to post secondary institutions. It is very important that while senior students work very hard, they need to take care of themselves. It is okay to go out during the weekend, have fun and enjoy life. You do not want to think back on high school and remember the nights you stayed home. This being said, there has to be a good balance between work and fun.

We understand if you are feeling blue about going to school everyday, so we compiled a list of reasons that will hopefully motivate you and put your agony in perspective.

Just remember, everyday you go to school is one less day of high school, and one day closer to summer vacation; and, at this point in the semester, you have already completed three out of roughly sixteen weeks. Do you miss being up until ungodly hours of the night and waking up well into the next day? Have no fear, several PA days are around the corner. In fact, there are PA days every month until the end of the school year, with the most notable; the Easter four day weekend from March 25-28 and Victoria Day, extending the weekend from May 21st to the 23rd. When you think about it, you have all of five months to plan what you and your friends could be doing over the summer. Of course this planning would take place after school, since you should all be giving your full attention to your school work from 9-3:30.
For senior students feeling the symptoms of “Senioritis”, remember, at the end of your four year run, you get a shiny paper acknowledging your completion of 30 credits and 40 hours of mandatory community service. What more motivation do you need?!
Above all, being privileged to be living in a first world country and being able to go to school feeling safe and not having to pay for a secondary school education should be motivation enough to go to school everyday.
Keep this article in mind, hopefully you will be motivated enough to continue working hard throughout the semester, so you can enjoy your summer.
In closing, we would like to quote one of the greatest 21st century philosophers, Jaden Smith. “Once You Go In You Always Come Out Alive”.