Mr Oosterhoff – Teachers of FHCI: Before We Knew Them

By Kana Ogawa and Sapna Humar

When we look at teachers of FHCI, it is hard to picture them doing anything other than being in the classroom, and teaching us school related things.  However, as surprising as it may sound, some teachers have had previous occupations, before they became what we know them as today. Here are some of our great teachers, and their jobs before FHCI.

Did you do any work before becoming a teacher?

“I worked in Japan for a little. I also had a lot of part time jobs. I worked at a convenience store, where I sold everything from candy to magazines to cigarettes… it was terrible. Before that, I worked at a library.”

In Toronto?

“No, in London Ontario, where I grew up. I liked it there when I was young, but not once I became old enough to realize that it had a very small-town super white mentality for a city that really shouldn’t have had.”

Did you work at any other schools before FHCI?

“No.  I got hired here 13 years ago… a long time. I taught ESL, I taught English, I taught S.A.P, a little bit of History, and Civics and Careers. It’s my first year as a guidance counsellor, hopefully not the last. I definitely love it. It’s a very different set of challenges.”

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