Ms Burnip – Teachers of FHCI: Before We Knew Them

By Kana Ogawa and Sapna Humar

When we look at teachers of FHCI, it is hard to picture them doing anything other than being in the classroom, and teaching us school related things.  However, as surprising as it may sound, some teachers have had previous occupations, before they became what we know them as today. Here are some of our great teachers, and their jobs before FHCI.

Did you have any occupations before you became a teacher?

“Yes! I always wanted to go into teaching… actually that’s not true. I wanted to be a doctor for a while. And then in Grade 10 I thought, I’m going to teach, because I definitely love school. But before that, I had to do a lot of different jobs. I didn’t have a wealthy family or a wealthy background so I had to earn money for university and/or do well in school to get a scholarship. What I did do, as my first job was working at a gas station, where I pumped gas and cleaned windshields. And after that, I worked for a funeral home, where I was a receptionist. It was a pretty interesting job. I also worked at a golf club! I was a course marshal, and ticket taker. I worked at Taco Bell, my worst job ever … I couldn’t stand it! I was placed on the drive through, and it was actually the hardest job I ever did.  I also was a teacher’s assistant for Costume Design and Shop at the University of Guelf when I was in my undergrad.

After these jobs, what motivated you to become a teacher?

“I did a stint called Second Job Employment. Youth who were not doing well in school would come to this workshop. That was in my fourth year university before I went to teacher’s college. I learned how to work with people, as well as kids who don’t like school and aren’t doing as well in school, so that was a great transition job. Taco Bell didn’t teach me anything, other than that you have to work hard, and that some people are unthankful. And lots of times when you’re teaching, it’s a thankful task, but it can be a thankless task too. Doing things, you won’t normally do and putting yourself out there are all the reasons why I do all these jobs. I need make money, I want to experience stuff, and I like to live life in the moment, so I said OK, why not?

Do you like teaching?

I love it, especially working here at this school. Before I came to FHCI, I’ve spent 19 years at another school, and before that I was even more bored. Being in someplace for 19 years, it is very difficult to say, I’m going to switch schools! But I am happy I was able to, and I was so lucky to have landed at FHCI. It really rejuvenated my energy and made me so happy, to just have a whole new change in scenery and a new student body to work with. It’s been so amazing, and so, of course I love being a teacher.”

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