I want to fall peacefully

Like the beautiful leaves in autumn

Gracefully touching the land that we call home

I want to feel the breeze

Trickling around my body

As I walk with the gorgeous sunrise in the morning.

It’s amazing what nature does to you really

As the sun gives you warmth and happiness

Whenever you’re in a good mood

But also, it can be comforting at times

Being moody and in need of releasing your emotions

As the rain is there to help cover up the sounds of your tears crashing to the ground.

Sometimes I wonder, is the weather trying to comfort me?

Because if it is, it has seen the best and worst of me

I’m embarrassed that it has the knowledge in knowing that I’m in need of

As i scream to the ones next to me and don’t hear a thing

Sometimes, I just want to fall

And in hopes there will be someone there to catch me.

I want to dance like the leaves

Swaying back and forth to the rhythm of the wind

As it’s carrying their steps, one by one

I want to feel the joy that the leaves are feeling

Knowing they are going to be together

And land onto the surface which they’d call home.

I wanted laughter and joy in my life

But why don’t I feel that way?

I can’t breathe

Did someone lower the oxygen level?

Because I can’t think straight.

All I ever wanted was support

All I ever wanted was for someone to say that it’s going to be fine

But it’s not going to be fine

Sometimes, I just want to give up

And lay while I let the whole world flash right before my eyes.

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