The season of fall ends revitalisation.

A role of change to a strong vocation.

As the crops go to bed and the leaves are widespread,

The sweet, serene sunlight disappears overhead.

The temperate winds protrude to the north,

The inclement climate concludes to go forth.

Great beasts of the north endure hibernation,

Fair fledgelings and fowls seclude to migration.

The innocent breeze feels peacefully discerning,

With the season of winter gleefully returning.

Winter, winter, you deny restoration,

Your deceitful snowflakes bring anticipation.

Of flamboyant snowfalls bringing times of enjoyment,

But only require warm clothing deployment.

But no, winter, we won’t hide your acclimation,

Your value and kindliness make us forget our frustration,

Of your frostbiting weather, and frigid inclination,

To make us wish and desire for a long vacation.

Although your slush and snow may seem irksome and trivial,

Your memories and good times are nothing less than corvivial.

Winter may be as irritable as rain,

Shoveling snow may bring us hardships and pain

But through all our toil, what reward do we gain,

Good times with friends and family; forever ingrained

Although your subzero temperature may scream at our faces,

Your elegance and tranquility always leave healthy traces,

Winter is a rock, a foundation of graces,

A journey yet travelled, in a variety of places.

And as the crops spring up, and the nights remain astray,

Winter, winter, we wait for another day.

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