POETRY CONTEST SPECIAL MENTION: Tangent: Comeback Time by Junting Wu

Parted Beijing to this city, reading English with a frown on

Started off by swimming seas of toddler’s books, that’s where I drowned on

Reading Dr. Seuss, from Wimpy Kid to Nancy Drew and now I’m

Reading ’bout a thane in Scotland kill his king to put a crown on

Wasn’t gonna stay in ESL 4L; it’s like hotels, know

Stays are so luxurious but costs delirious to hells, though

It’s dependencies they sell, you might just end up in cartel, so

Persevere don’t disappear as one-catch wonders like Odell

Topics going back and forth like people writing as two pen pals

Era of trochaic octameter has come to an end now

Oozing out thoughts in the present

Hope you Falcons don’t mind tangents

Still three stanzas left to unveil

From the main theme this train derailed

Never too late to come back

Grab a water, grab a snack

Even when we’re down twenty

Time and skill we got plenty

On the court, I throw dimes

Off the sport, I flow rhymes

Got ’em speechless; might go mime

Cue the homies, it’s comeback time.

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