Senior Vice President Candidates

Hey FHCI, here are your candidates for Student Council’s Senior Vice President position. The winner will be working with the President in making important decisions for the next school year!

Chris Gratsas

“Forest Hill has had spirit issues for too long. In my last year at the school I want to contribute and provide more opportunities for students to enjoy themselves at FHCI. I am a member of many different clubs and groups within the school and have a lot of teacher connections that I can use to implement the desires of the student body. I’m running to represent everyone that feels they don’t have a voice in what goes on at the school. As VP, I will actively seek the opinions of all different students to make the school day more enjoyable.”

Tatiana Bogdanova

“As the Senior Vice President, I want to make more low-commitment events, such as in-school dances, and more diverse fundraisers so that we can get more people to want to participate. I also want to put more of an emphasis on our school’s diversity by throwing bigger heritage month celebrations, and working with different clubs to create fun, educational events. I think I should win because I will work as hard as I can to make our school as positive as it can be, because I genuinely want everybody to feel not only safe at school, but welcome and respected. I hope I have your vote!”

Lisa El Dib Asal

“One of the reasons I’m running for Vice President for Student Council is because I want to give back to the high school I love so much and to all the people that helped me through this amazing journey. I want to build memories that I wish we’ll all treasure and remember.”

Madison Anisman

“I want students to enjoy the non-academic parts of school. By focusing on student events and special new programs, I can make FHCI a better place for everyone!”

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