Junior Vice President Candidates

Here are your 2019-2020 candidates for Junior Vice President. The winner will be working hard to represent the Grade 9 and 10 student body!

Jake Fogel

“I want to give Grade 9 and 10 students the voice they deserve on our Student Council next year. I have some great ideas for how I can hear from you all, and I promise to make sure that your concerns and comments are all addressed. It’s going to be a FANTASTIC year next year and I’m really excited about representing you and making 2019/20 a lot of fun!”

Claudia Mak

“Experience: 2018-2019 Grade 9 Representative – A leader and advocate. Dedicated, inclusive, positive. A vote for me is a vote for you!”

Liat Schwartz

“I believe the role of a junior Vice President is about voice. If elected I will make your voice heard.”

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